Sudarshan Prostate Plus Advance 60 Tablet

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Helpful in Pyuria (Pus in urine), Cystitis (Inflammation of Urinary Bladder), Dysuria (Painful urination), Hyper Acidity, Inflammation in micturition, Suppression of urination The manufacturer of Prostate Plus claims that this prostate supplement contains all the necessary natural substances for optimum prostate health and function. The supplement?s main action is to combat the enlargement of the prostate gland. With the help of skilled professionals and good knowledgeable experience, we are involved in supplying, manufacturing and trading quality-assured spectrum of Prostate Plus Advance in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sudarshan Prostate Plus Advance is a very effective medicine which is helpful in Pyuria (pus in urine), Cystitis (inflammation of Urinary bladder), Dysuria (Painful Urination), hyper Acidity, Inflammation in Micturition , Suppression of Urination , As an adjuvant to antibiotics in UTI. DIDYMOCARPUS PEDICILITA (PALASH PUSHPA) TRIBULUS TERRISTERIS (GOKSHURA) CRATAECA NURVALA (VARUN) BERGENIA CILIATA ( PASHANBHEDA) LIME SILICATE CALX (GAJROOL YAHOOD BHASM) ACHYRANTHES ASPERA ( APAMERGA PANCHANG ) JAWASKSHAR (AF1=1) BOERHAVIA DIFFUSA ( PUNARNAVA) PROCESSED ALUM COMPOUND (SWAIT PARPATI) MEETHA SODA SODIUM CHLORIDE (SAINDHA NAMAK) ELTERIA CAEDAMOM (ELAICHI) ONSAMA BRACTEATUM

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